Hard water is termed as the type of water which contains high level of calcium, iron, chlorine and
other suspended particles.
When we use “hard” water for cooking or drinking purposes, it causes health problems such as kidney
stones, skin diseases like soriases and itching, aging of skins, graying of hair and hair loss.
Softener is the sate-of-the-art latest technology in Middle East which converts hard water into soft water.
Making it easy for the end user to have affordable and durable solution.

How it works?
Water from the main line enters the softener and follows the following steps:
a. Via control valve (Made is USA) water enter the main vessel.
b. Control Valve contains Resin Bed which absorbs all the suspended particles.
c. Brine Tank filled with salts injected to the softener removes hard water minerals.
d. Then the water reaches all the connections and taps which are connected to the softener.

Cabinet-L: 32x48x114 cm (Blue & White)
USA Made Control Valve (8”x 22” tank use)
1252/1054 Fiber Glass Vessel 1252/1054
Carbon Vessel UK Made Cation Resin Bed
Transformer 12V
Salt Valve Set
1” Inlet Connector
Brine Pipe Connector
Shipping Dimension: 51x45x125 cm/set
Weight: 46KG’s (Without resin bed)


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Delivery: Within 7 days from the date of confirmed order along with the necessary advance payment.

Warranty: The proposed units shall be under warranty and will be provided with maintenance and service every 3 months for the period of 1 year. Specification: Model 1054 Water Softener · Capacity at medium - 26,800 grains/lbs. at 9.3 · Efficiency at lowest setting - 3600 grains/lbs. · Adjustable cycle control valve helps reduce salt & water consumption · Corrosion-proof fiberglass media/filter tanks with thick wall, rust-free construction · Strong & durable 1-pc. control valve · Non-lead bypass valve for fast, easy installation · Mechanical meter regeneration type · 1.16 cu. ft. amount of media · 100 GPG maximum water hardness · 6.5 GPM at 15 PSI peak flow rate · Water pressure range - 25-100 PSI · Media tank size - 10 in. diameter x 54 in. H · Brine tank size - 18 in. diameter x 33 in. H · Made in the USA · Weight: Approximately 101.13 pounds (oversized) · Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 65 x 19 x 19 inches.