Forbes Hairguard

– Connects with any shower fitting

– Shower filter with formulated KDF media Cartridge

– Removes 95% of chlorine contained in water and other organic compound and heavy metals

– Multi layer filter to make filtration more effective to stop hair fall, relief from allergies / asthma due to non-formation of chloromethanes in hot water showers

Introducing our advanced shower filter, which is designed to provide you with a refreshing shower experience while also ensuring your health and well-being. Our shower filter is equipped with a formulated KDF media cartridge that effectively removes up to 95% of chlorine, organic compounds, and heavy metals present in water. This helps to prevent hair fall, allergies, and asthma by inhibiting the formation of harmful chloromethanes during hot water showers.


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  • Specifications
  • Brand:Forbes
  • Color:Chrome
  • Weight (KG):0.56
  • Type:Shower Filter
  • Height (CM):13.5
  • Width (CM):5.2
  • Depth (CM):5.2