Platino Copper

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Long-lasting water supply. Comes with a 6-litre in-built storage tank, ensuring purified water on tap, all the time.

  • Genuine spare parts as per ISO standards
  • Instant service booking via app
  • 8500+ certified service technicians
  • Most trusted brand – 38+ years experience

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Livpure Platino Copper RO water purifier is a premium product that offers advanced water filtration technology with the goodness of copper. It is designed to remove impurities, harmful bacteria, and viruses from the water, ensuring clean and safe drinking water for your family.


Up to 70% water recovery RO+UV+UF Sterilization Advanced Purification Storage Capacity Mineralizer Insect Proof Water Tank


  • Highest Water Recovery

    With Livpure’s HR70 Technology installed in Platino+ RO, you save up to 20,000 litres of water every year.

  • Mineralizer

    Get healthy and useful minerals added to the water that you drink and stay energetic for the entire day.

  • 8-stage purification

    Platino+ Copper removes harmful elements and purifies water from any source through a 8-stage purification process to give you the purest water to drink.

  • Copper 29 Cartridge

    Provides the purity of copper in your water and helps you boost immunity, improve cardiovascular health, and support healthy and glowing skin.


With 8-stage filtration, Livpure Platino + Copper ensures that you get purified drinking water and also save water. Following are the seven stages of purification that the water goes through before it is ready for you to drink.


5 reviews for Platino Copper
  1. kocina

    Great produce and excellent service

  2. tenc

    Excellent quality – fruit and veg last so much longer than what I get in the shops. Good amount and value for money. Thank you!

  3. quie

    Love it when our fresh fruit and veg gets delivered!

  4. franc

    Fantastic quality of fresh fruit and vegetables, all at a good cost. Love that all produce comes in very minimal plastic. Love the variety of fruit and vegetables you can choose from each week. Find that it lasts a lot longer than supermarket produce.

  5. nicky

    fantastic quality and great value for money – lasts much longer than supermarket produce. Its a great plus for me that fruit and veg is packed in paper bags, with very little plastic used 😊

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