Aquaguard Select Nrich RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

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its under the sink of your modular kitchen and comes with a separate faucet to give you easy access to to drinking water, wash fruits and vegetables.

  • Genuine spare parts as per ISO standards
  • Instant service booking via app
  • 8500+ certified service technicians
  • Most trusted brand – 38+ years experience

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The Aquaguard Nrich Active Copper Water Purifier is a highly advanced water purifier that provides safe and healthy drinking water with the added benefit of copper charge technology. It is designed to remove all impurities, including bacteria, viruses, and dissolved salts, while retaining essential minerals to give you pure and healthy drinking water.

Supreme Aesthetics

Features a compact and stylish design, with a deep black colour and chrome metallic finish that enhances your kitchen aesthetics.

Smart LED Indication

Alerts you in case of service reminders, end of life of cartridges, filter life warning and electronic errors.

Flexible Installation

Can be placed on the counter or mounted on the wall.

5 reviews for Aquaguard Select Nrich RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier
  1. demin

    Just received my £10 box. Got to say I am very impressed! Looking forward to everything in it.

  2. kaziu

    I am loving my weekly delivery . So fresh and longer lasting than any supermarket. You have to give this a try

  3. hardc

    lovely fresh fruit really good quality definitely worth the money x

  4. dmonui

    Received my 1st order yesterday and it\’s great, fantastic service

  5. iouhx

    Lovely produce and great value. Who could ask for more?!

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